From North Pole to Equator - WMRI From North Pole to Equator
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From North Pole to Equator WMRI
From North Pole to Equator
Traditional Electronic, New Age
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This is an original record from Sound Archives 2003-2006 boxed set that collects all of the earlier full-length releases of WMRI, some of which are published for first time on the web. Moreover, all included materials are original masters as they were first meant to be, even the original track titles were saved. These versions aren't considered authentic, but either historic or relic. The reference versions are four of these albums that were remastered and expanded in 2008 and released under the title First Wave. All these materials are going to be remastered soon or late, but for now this fills the holes in your WMRI collection.

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Posted by USC on 15 April 2012
Tags: night, evening, day, morning, sun, wind, cold, warmth, subequatorial, tropic, subtropic, steppe, tundra, arctic, north, pole, equator, geography, landscapes, nature, planet, earth, minimal, archive, synthpop, sequencer, synthesizer, electronic, ambient, space, berlin school, new age, traditional electronic