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Shelter WMRI
Dark Ambient, Abstract, Industrial
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The album dark as the night. It is separated into two parts. First part consists of four drifting and droning tracks fading each other. Second part consists of a long complex track and shorter track that's actually a Shelter main theme. While first part is mostly based around deep low drones, surrounding sounds and minimal, except a noisy drone piece in the end, the second part is based on industrial echoes, longer piece starts with some even melodic theme and moves towards to the emotionless drift with minor drone beats and for the second section the far bell sounds appear. Shelter theme is a separate topic for discussion as it's a complete scene of factory interior: hammer-like drone beats and noise splashes give the unique feeling of a safe and dangerous place at once. The idea of noise splashes was later used once again in Wires.

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Posted by USC on 18 March 2012
Tags: void, minimal, monotonous, soulless, unknown, dusk, clouds, moon, hidden, hiding place, hide, shelter, noise, isolation, fear, ambient, dark, night, industrial, abstract, dark ambient