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Life in a World
Traditional Electronic, Berlin School, Synthpop, New Age
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This story begins with a main theme of life - Time! It flows on and on, and never stops. It goes on every second, but hey - there were a lot of great moments that we can remember. Time Flux shows you the puzzle of event pieces that compose every life. Fast and slow, serene and rush - all these moments have the great value. Only when you understand this you can build your identity and revel the balanced existence. Opening your mind allows to become aware of hidden senses inside you. Uncovering concealed resources within you get the skill to discover new ways and possibilities in the world of present.

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Posted by USC on 03 March 2012
Tags: flow, time, ambient, soul, mind, evolution, tranquil, calm, peace, world, new age, synthpop, berlin school, traditional electronic