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Desert Dreams WMRI
Desert Dreams
Traditional Electronic, Berlin School
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Desert life is not as monotonous as it may seem to be at first sight. If you look narrowly at it you can notice a lot of details. The first impression is vast yellow ocean of sand. The wind twists whirls above it and, as a great architect, constantly builds dunes and barkhans. And he does not like when strangers enter his landscapes, and summons sandstorm, hiding their tracks and sweeping away everything from his domains. Salvation can only be in oasis - a small island of life. However, sometimes the desert seems to stand, and only a thin strip of horizon divides the yellow ocean and the azure sky. And when night falls, darkness veils the desert, and only bright light of the stars in the cloudless sky is pulling away from oblivion.

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Posted by USC on 14 January 2012
Tags: oasis, sequencer, synthesizer, nature, landscapes, visions, mirage, sky, air, wind, warmth, heat, sun, dune, sand, space, berlin school, traditional electronic